The Wellness Center at Acadia Yurts is proud to offer on-site yoga, an infrared sauna, massage therapy and MDI’s only float room!

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Our weekly Yoga classes are appropriate for all levels.  We provide all mats/props & welcome you to practice with us!  All Yoga classes are offered by DONATION (cash/check only please), in order to make yoga accessible for ALL, regardless of income!

Sunday: Rise & Shine Yoga 8:30-9:30am - Begin your day by connecting to the breath and body through mindful movement

Wednesday: Yoga for Relaxation 5-6pm - Unwind and set up for a restful nights sleep. Ths class will be a combination of gentle, yin and restorative yoga.

Float Therapy


Unwind & replenish in our Superior Float sensory deprivation float tank.  Floating is an incredible experience in which one floats weightlessly on his or her back in a dense saline solution of water which is heated to the temperature of the human skin. The medical grade salt water provides users a zero-gravity environment void of external stimuli and full of potential. Benefits include pain relief & reduced inflammation, increased creativity, a deepened meditative state, improved sleep, mood enhancement and many more.

60 Minute - $65

90 Minute - $75


Infrared Sauna


Infrared saunas are an effective tool which utilizes infrared light to penetrate the human tissue directly and whose benefits include muscle pain reduction, detoxification, eases joint pain/stiffness and boosts cardiovascular healing

45 Minute - $20 (add $5 for a second person)

Massage Therapy


Choose from Swedish, deep tissue, prenatal or sports massage to give your mind and body what it craves - RELAXATION!

60 Minute - $80

90 Minute - $110

Add On - CBD Oil for Pain Relief - $10

Add On - Himalayan Hot Stones for Relaxation - $10

Outcall Massage Available - add on cost based on sliding scale of distance to your property ($25-50). Outcall UNAVAILABLE at houses with pets/smoking.

Call or text 207.669.2059 to Schedule a Service