• GO FOR A HIKE! Peaks nearby include Flying, Bernard, Mansell, Acadia, St. Sauveur, Beech and many more. There are countless hikes to access these peaks- pick up a hiking book at Cadillac Mountain Sports in downtown Bar Harbor.

  • CARRIAGE ROADS! Walk, stroll, bike, or run. John D. Rockefeller created a network of 57 miles of trails, 44 open to bicycles, that meander through Acadia. Also included are 17 stone bridges- gorgeous in all seasons! Consider packing a lunch and renting a bike to enjoy the trails all day. Days and days worth of adventure in this system.

  • SUNSET CRUISE! Sail Acadia is based in downtown Southwest Harbor and features many sailing opportunities throughout the day. Call Karl and get out on the water

  • ATLANTIC BREWERY! Located 15 minutes away from Acadia Yurts in Town Hill, Atlantic Brewery offers a tasting room, brewery tour, and ..............

  • MAINELY MEAT BBQ! The BBQ here is amazing and it's conveniently located next to Atlantic Brewing. Serving Atlantic beers with BBQ cooked on site this place is a must

  • WONDERLAND! Sounds magical, and it is. Take the short hike from the parking area out onto the point and feel miles away from everything

  • BASS HARBOR LIGHTHOUSE! This popular tourist attraction is less than 5 miles from Acadia Yurts

  • DIVER ED'S DIVE-IN THEATER! Fun water adventure for children and parents alike. Touch slimy sea critters and learn about what's going on beneath the surface

  • PARK LOOP ROAD! This drive is a must. Perhaps consider driving the road earlier in your trip versus later to get acquainted with the park and explore hikes off the road. For an added challenge, bike the road. It's 26 miles of one way traffic so be prepared.

  • LAKE SWIMMING! Echo Lake is just up the road from Acadia Yurts and has a beach for easy access or a parking area across from Acadia Mountain to swim at the "bluffs". Lakes are much warmer than the ocean and make swimming accessible. Perhaps even see people on the lake with paddle boards and kayaks

***This list is just a beginning- please explore the area for yourself and pursue what makes you happy.  Consolidating the list to 10 items was tough but I don't want to give it all away.......

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