About us

Aaron was born and raised in Maine and has a deep appreciation for Mount Desert Island. He brings 20 years of local hospitality and management experience from working in Bar Harbor. During a winter long work trade in Maui, Aaron was introduced to a deeper understanding of oneself, communication and community. He is hoping to bring the lessons he learned in Maui back to Maine, and plant those seeds with Acadia Yurts. To Aaron, Acadia Yurts will not just be a retreat, but a thriving community. 


Karen has been very fortunate to travel a fair amount but says with absolute conviction, that regardless of where she's been, Maine feels like home. In Maine, she enjoys many outdoor activities in the beauty of Acadia National Park! Since completing her initial 200 hour yoga teacher training in 2010 Karen has taught yoga at a variety of locations on MDI and has continued her education with a 300 hour certification from Laughing Lotus in Manhattan (she’ll complete her last 25 hour course in Nov 2019!). Karen completed a massage therapy certification course in 2015 and loves being able to build her health and wellness repertoire to give clients the variety they deserve. Her goal, through everything she's done in the past and will do in the future, is to give people an opportunity to realize their greatest potential and feel more empowered to do what makes them happy.


Aaron and Karen have worked a combined 30 years in the Bar Harbor hospitality industry and through that, they've investigated why people return to Acadia year after year: universally, people come to slow down and reconnect. They want to connect to nature, their loved ones, and themselves. Acadia Yurts seeks to offer all the life enthusiasts a beautiful place to stay, that keeps them comfortably close to nature.


The 2019 opening of our new Wellness Center makes Acadia Yurts what we hoped it would be from the beginning. We look forward to sharing our favorite place on earth with you!


We're excited to share Acadia Yurts with you!

We're excited to share Acadia Yurts with you!

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